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September 29, 2010
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Part 11
....A Van.

When your name is Sora, the world is made up of all the brightest colors possible. There is a positive side to everything you do, and you only live once, so why not have fun? When your name is Roxas, however, things look alittle different. The world is made up of shades of black and white, truth and fiction. There is right, there is wrong. Things that are a bright color to Sora are inevitably grey for Roxas. Though different, and though there is  much bickering...the two seem to fit together well. Sora lightens the mood, Roxas keeps his brother's head out of the clouds. Adding to that equation makes things difficult, however. Throw in Kairi, Riku, Namine, Axel, Xion, Terra and Aqua and you get a large conglomeration of insanity. Then take one more factor into consideration. Two words. Road.Trip.

"Are we seriously riding in a van? A VAN?!" Roxas's irritated voice called from the very back seat.
From the front, the designated driver turned around. "Hey! This van is awesome, Roxas!" Axel smiled.
"AAH! AXEL WATCH THE ROAD! WATCH THE ROAD!" Yelled Aqua, taking the wheel from him as they almost drifted into a semi.
"Try not to kill us, Axel." Terra said quietly, looking over the ridiculously huge map in his hands. Riku awkwardly squeezed in between Kairi and Namine, who were talking to each other about clothes shopping. Sora had his arm around Xion and Roxas's shoulders in the back, while Aqua sat in the passenger's seat, telling Terra the signs and occasionally proving him wrong on directions. A.K.A, Roxas's living hell.

Sora rubbed Roxas's head and smiled. "Roxy, Roxy just calm down and stay positive! If you hurry at the next rest stop you can get passenger's seat and help Terra with directions!" Laughed the brown haired teen.
" He hasn't looked up from that map since Aqua bought it. It's like he loves it or something." Grumbled the blonde.
Xion laughed from the far left and leaned around to see past Sora's spiky hair. "Haha, no Roxas. I know Terra because he and Aqua are best friends..He's making sure we don't get lost." She smiled. "He's a quiet guy but he does care."
Sora nodded surely then looked to Riku, who turned around in his seat. He held a look that screamed 'kill me kill me kill me kill me now'  Kairi and Namine laughed girlishly beside him on both sides.

"I will give you anything to trade seats. Anything." He murmured to make sure they didn't hear.
Xion giggled and Roxas rolled his eyes and Sora replied. "I thought you wanted to sit by Namine!"
Riku reached over and put his hand over Sora's mouth. "Shut up!"
"If he doesn't suffocate you, I will."  Growled Roxas.
Sora shook around. "Can't.Breathe!" When Riku let go he laughed. "Okay okay whatever. Shhh it's chill."
"You've been watching too many surfing shows, Sora." Said Xion.

'I can't believe I was dragged into this...' Thought Roxas while staring out at the mountainous terrain. 'Colorado...who cares about Colorado?!' This whole trip was an elaborate excuse so Sora didn't have to do his homework, that's why he suggested it. Of course Axel was instantly all for it and dropped all his other "plans" (god knows what Axel did in his free time...)  Sora rounded up Kairi and Riku, and of course Namine tentatively followed behind. Naturally Roxas was forced to come, so he somewhat asked Xion, who'd already overheard about it the day before, and she suggested they took Terra and Aqua because they were older. Luckily there was no room for Demyx.  Roxas sighed in relief at that. The mulleted guy was fun, but when you were in a bad mood...he wasn't fun anymore.

Aqua looked over the passenger's seat and smiled happily. "Terra, are we at Fort Collins yet? Or rather, are we close?"
The muscular young man looked down at the map and then back up. "Yeah. 10 miles."
"Yay! Thank you. Everyone, only 10 miles and then we arrive at our hotel!"

Kairi clapped her hands together. "Yes! This is exciting! I've never been to the mountains before! Have you, Riku?"  When he shook his head, she turned to her cousin. "Namine? What about you?"
The small blonde shook her head. "No, I haven't...They will be fun to draw, though."

"Ooh! Namine could you draw a mountain lion for me?" Asked Xion with excitement.
"Yeah, draw it mauling Xion!" Called Axel from the front.
"That's not very...nice, Axel."
"Will you guys knock it off?!" Said Roxas, clearly irritated. "Just shut up.." He leaned back to the window again.

"...Jeez Roxas no need to get mad!" Axel turned around and let go of the wheel.
"Gah! Again!" Aqua frantically leaned over and steered as Axel started talking.

"If you ain't nice to your friends, you ain't gonna have any. Got it memorized?" He pointed to his temple a few times and smirked triumphantly.
Xion and Sora looked to each other and then Roxas. "Yeah, Axel's right." Sora said with a rare frown.
Xion's blue eyes flashed. "Why didn't you tell us you didn't want to come....?"

Her hurt tone made him turn around and slap his palm to his face. He sighed and then after a pause, looked up. "Axel, turn around and drive, you're going to kill Aqua. Namine, get to drawing that mountain lion. Riku...good luck. Terra keep guiding, Sora keep being annoying, and Xion keep being....XIon. Let's all have fun and stuff..."

Happily Sora wrapped his arm around Roxas and Xion. "Yay! Aren't we all just so loving?!"
"...Don't overdo it, Sora."
holy shit the world is going to end. I actually worked on this. :iconhappytearsplz:

Random....okay actually I was in a car when I wrote this. Driving back home. So..yeah me and Roxy were both super annoyed with the other passengers in the van... >_> my sister

Anyways, enjoy! _ no one reads these anymore..

None of the chars are mine
KH the other story eoteflickr 2010. steal it, you die. :meow:
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Rosialette Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*smirk* Sounds like one of my family's car trips. I have four brothers, and two college-age sisters. And my parents. 

Really love this!
poedNoob Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Excuse me. Can you please do P12? I'v been waiting a while. Thank you.
poedNoob Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude, but can you please do P12 soon. I'v been waiting for a long time. Thank you.
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:iconsadfaceplz: Sadly that is the last one of "The Other Story" series...sorreh! D:
poedNoob Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
IT IS NOT! Please keep writing them. I not having the best day and they always cheer me up. Besides, I wanna hear or see Xion and Namine fight!
JLstarseeker Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
its ok...
Pure-Resonance Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
This is awesome! Lol Aqua has to keep Axel from crashing the car!
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